Camille Béclin

You are a passionate, committed woman

Coach Mentore Therapist Entrepreneur

Camille Béclin

You are a passionate, committed woman

Coach Mentore Therapist Naturopathe Sophrologist Hypnotherapist Energeticist Relaxologist...

You want to develop an abundant online coaching business that is profitable, fulfilling, has integrity, is fluid and aligns with your dream life while impacting its clients…

Welcome to Camille Béclin world

I used to be like you…

Camille Béclin coach

 I often got lost in my strategy without realizing that the actions I was taking were not always aligned with my heart.

With my marketer’s hat on, my years of study at a top communications school and my background as an employee of one of the largest consulting firms in the world, I knew all the keys to growth my communications agency, One Way Consulting.

I had learned that to be successful you had to work hard and that reaching the level of success I dreamed of would be complicated and exhausting.

My business was profitable (multi 6 fig.) but it was not serving a fulfilling life as a woman. Like many women entrepreneurs of my generation, burnout has arrived…

When I experienced burnout, that I hired a personal development coach to growth my mindset. It was a drastic commitment where I realized that what made the most sense for me was the closeness I experienced while coaching and mentoring my clients.

It was in this sphere that I felt most aligned with my soul, so I made the decision to focus on what made me tick: coaching and mentoring. And I definitely stopped providing services with my marketing agency.

This shift occurred in January 2020 and since then, my perception of business has continued to evolve into spaces I never thought possible.     

Since that time in 2020, I have evolved so much both personally and spiritually. I no longer believe that working hard to succeed is an option.

I don’t believe that we have to lock ourselves into stifling systems and constraints, I don’t think that working hard and living under stress is required to be successful in our businesses.

It’s the opposite ! Fluidity has become my norm and that’s what I teach you !

My clients and I are the proof. We create wealth and success without sacrificing ourselves. I believe that what brings wealth and success in an abundant business starts with the unlocking of our energetic codes, a mindset shift and magnetic strategies that we are aligned with.

In reality, it’s not about working hard. It’s about adopting the right mindset and energetics codes for wealth and success.

It’s about creating our own rules and strategies, to be the person we want to be, the one who succeeds without having to sacrifice anything

And I am the GUIDE that can get you there.

Camille Béclin coach

I help my clients grow a abondant online coaching business
that aligns with their dream life through a powerful mindset
and magnetic strategy

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Corporate events, Private Events or Public Events with Camille for marketing workshop, mindset workshop or meditation session.

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One to one high level mentoring, private access and magical support
for females entrepreneurs ready for another level of abundance. 

Deep Transformation

Unique 1:1 session inspired by Thetahealing method for an immediate and deep transformation.

Together we create…

impact, love, abundance

amazing transformations

to move towards a better world

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Camille, I'm starting to soak up so much of you, to be magnetic. I have already made more than €2,800 in 3 days only WITHOUT PROSPECTING! While it's only been 4 months since I started my online business and I already have recommendations and people who make appointments with me without even knowing me and without prospecting... THANKS YOU !

Clara de @clarapitchout

You are the perfect person on the path to my alignment and expansion. Our last mentoring was very powerful, you were the mirror I needed to observe myself, to be stuck in my fear. Ending the session with the release of that, with thetahealing, was magic! Thank you for your waves of healing and all that you bring me. When I look back last month, I made €6,000 working 3-4 hours a day.

Mathilde de @zebra.astrologiecoaching

Camille thanks to you I quit my job and I live from my business. Today if I am there, it is thanks to you, you knew how to guide me and accompany me every day, to give the best of me to develop my profession of heart. Thanks to you, I found my first clients and I created a profitable business so quickly.

Johanna de @johanna_messegue

Working with you is the best investment I've been able to make for my business in several years, I have another relationship with marketing today, before I was going all over the place, I was able to define the foundations of my business and reach more than 10,000 euros cash per month!

Sabrina de @lenvol.coaching

Je te fais un retour sur notre premier coaching, c'est un programme, s'il n'existait pas, il aurait fallu le créer. Ce n'est pas pour te flatter mais je suis choquée de tout ce qu'on a fait en 4 semaines, coaching, formations, exos... et des résultats, je suis en train de faire décoller mon entreprise, j'ai hâte de voir la suite !

Deborah de @rtdesign

Travailler avec toi a été le meilleur investissement ! Mon CA s'est démultiplié, notamment parce que j'ai réussi à faire ce que je n'arrivais pas à faire avant : attirer des abonnés qualifiés sur mon réseau. Et tes méthodes s'appliquent pour tout parce que j'ai trouvé 2 clients en même pas 1 semaine pour mon autre entreprise en suivant tes méthodes.

Marie de @marieparmentier

Without Camille I would not be here today. She supported me, showed me it was possible, teach me how to do it, and I did it. I could never thank her enough for everything she gives me, she is the most wonderful person I have met. The best investment I have made for myself and my business. She brought me more in a few weeks than in 1 year with an another coach!

Céline de @acielouvertcb

Camille inspires me on a daily basis, she is really an expert in her field, I already have great results on my social networks, I overcome my fears, I take action, I get out of my comfort zone... I I absolutely don't regret having taken the plunge, having joined his universe, it's one of the best decisions I've made for myself and my business!

Marie de @marieprmntr
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